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Blister packaging, production
Dec 05, 2016

1: mold making and the processing: according to requirements or samples specifications, first making good sucking plastic mold, General conditions Xia, are is using gypsum making sucking plastic packaging mold, but also useful wood and the metal carved of products for mold, gypsum mold making good Hou, first let its natural dry completely or drying, then according to products surface punch specific situation, with 1-2 mm drill spent in not effect products packaging looks of Valley at drill many small hole, if is packaging box like products, also have in around side Shang drill some small hole, to sucking plastic production Shi Can air out, die drill hole, the plaster mold is hardened, hardened is saturated with heavy alum liquid after soaking dry. [1]

2: die handle dry completely, and then will die mounted on the upper plate of the vacuum chamber, and die size, plastic piece containing the applicable specification, and then place this sheet in heating wood cabinets, making it completely fixed, then wood cabinet along with the softened plastic sheet placed heated on the stove.

3: softening of the plastic film along with wood cabinets, placed in a vacuum chamber, switch on the suction switch, vacuum suction pump clean indoor air, after the plastic cools to obtain same packaging or processing concave mould and mould.

4: blister packaging arrangement; produced by trimming and finishing the product is finished and packaged for sale.

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