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Jul 06, 2018


transparent PVC sheet or transparent PET sheet

Material Thickness

generally between 0.20-1.0mm

Structural Design

The style structure, material requirements and printing patterns are designed and produced according to the requirements of customers. Customers can design arbitrarily. The product pictures published on the website are for reference only. The packaging drawings design can be simple silk-screen, complex color printing, and hot stamping silver craft.


Our company has always been committed to providing customers with the most perfect packaging products, from material choose and buy, producing, packing, transportation, etc, would be watched well. We will proofing before the mass production, pursue the perfect printing details as best we can do. The folding line is sturdy, and the assembly is convenient and fast.


The price is calculated based on the material cost, printing cost, processing cost and other costs required by the product. The price shown on the website is only the display price, not the transaction price! In order to provide you with an accurate quotation, please provide detailed information (product specifications, material and thickness, quantity, printed draft) when you inquiry.

Scope of Application

PVC and PET cylinders are widely used in the sales and packaging of various gifts, accessories, toys, hardware electronics, cosmetic skin care products, hairdressing products, automotive supplies, daily necessities, clothing accessories, shoes, household goods and high-grade wine. The plastic transparent and translucent packaging is exquisite, and the customer can intuitively see the goods inside, quickly arousing the customer's desire to purchase and promoting sales.

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