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Double-deck Blister Tray
Jul 15, 2018

(1) The double-layer blister tray consists of a complete combination plastic tray composed of a top cover with a buckleand a bottom bracket and a foldable panel. The top cover and the bottom bracket are made of HDPE. Formed by a double-layer disposable blister process. The intermediate panel can be made of PP (polypropylene resin) plastic hollow board or seven-layer corrugated cardboard to form a foldable panel.

(2) The whole system is designed for reciprocating cycle, and the top cover and the bottom bracket can be recycled for up to ten years. Plastic coamings and corrugated paper coamings can also be recycled and reused many times. This design can greatly reduce the customer's logistics operations and storage costs.

(3) The trays in the tray are designed to be foldable, and the top cover and the bottom bracket can be embedded or stacked, which can save 50% of the storage space compared with the traditional packaging.

(4) The blister top cover and the bottom support are made of two HDPE sheets at one time, which is sturdy and durable!

(5) It is extremely convenient to assemble or disassemble the blister tray. It can be disassembled or assembled in a few minutes without the aid of tools. The top cover and the bottom bracket are each designed with four quick locks to hold the coaming plate, so there is no need to bundle the bag, which saves the packing materials and labor costs.