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Plastic packaging considerations
Dec 05, 2016

Plastic boxes purchased at West point West point, General notes editing the current market 250G box of white cardboard, this 

material has a green, safety, health and other benefits, is the preferred pastry boxes, buying West point before the box,

be sure to note the following points:

1, see. Good quality boxes at West point is the most important printing clear, no misprint. At the West point of purchase 

must watch carefully before, and see if print is clear, there are no typographical errors.

2, the smell. High quality white card is free, before you buy the pastry box be sure to smell the paper whether there is a special smell;

3, folded. A good pastry box of the most important is easy to use, be sure to select a pastry box, fold faster and more efficient.

Tray food tray, medicine, electronic tray industry development strategy

Into 21st century yilai, China market of scale and features are appeared has is big of change, enterprise of business and management

also has from past single of target type development began to systematic, scientific management change. how from professional of vision 

awareness plastic supporting box industry of development and market of change, how with science of method on enterprise of all level for 

effective of management, will became Enterprise future survival and development of primary problem.But still has many of enterprise of 

thinking still stay in venture early, no a appropriate of planning and implementation control, just with feel and entrepreneurs of personal 

likes and dislikes for management. and in overall management process in the, due to entrepreneurs or management personnel lack related of 

professional and management skills, makes management process control means changeable, was managers appeared confused or conflict. enterprise 

of business management chaos, led to enterprise overall employees work performance declined, lack Enterprise belonging and security. so import 

cycle, Business position in the market is at stake.