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Plastics processing methods
Dec 05, 2016

Depending on the plastic molding methods can be divided into film, lamination, injection, extrusion, blow molding, casting and reaction injection molded of plastic and many other types.

Film pressure plastic more for real sex of processing performance and General solid sex plastic similar like plastic; laminated plastic is refers to dip has resin of fiber fabric, by stack collection, and hot and combined became overall of material; injection, and extrusion and blow plastic more for real sex and processing performance and General thermoplastic plastic similar like plastic; casting plastic is refers to can in no pressure or slightly pressure of situation Xia, pour Yu mold in the can hardening into must shape products of liquid resin mixed material, as MC nylon,; reaction injection plastic is with liquid raw materials, pressure injected film cavity within, The reaction solidified into a certain shape of plastic products, such as polyurethane.