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The categories of the blister tray
Dec 05, 2016

China's economic level is greatly improved in recent years, businesses taking advantage of the good momentum of development and expansion, more and more products appear in people's lives, such as packaged products, decorative materials. Specific applications of products in different industries have a very big difference, but with different product applications in the industry also has some differ, such as in the packaging industry, plain packaging products and blister packaging characteristics of various plastic products made of technology with its own user base. With the development of society, common blister trays for packaging products has been replaced by a form of plastic packaging products, this is due to the plastic tray packaging is very good, better able to meet the needs of users for the product.

In recent years, the situation is "sustainable development", we should also pay attention to environmental protection and recycling of the packaging industry, our packaging for different packaging certain evaluation products, production processes, enabling it to better conform to China's national conditions, which in the future can be better used to meet packaging features. Plastic tray form of plastic products in recent years, applications continue to expand, while there is a molded plastic tray form, this tray has excellent recyclability, is a form of biodegradable trays, after repeated practice, this form of tray, a traditional wooden pallets and plastic trays are the ideal alternative.