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Three Major Constraints on The Development of The Plastic Tray Industry
Jul 16, 2018

(1) The using method  is backward, and the advantages of PVC blister trays cannot be fully utilized.

The PVC blister tray itself is a unitized logistics tool that was born to cope with efficient logistics. It can be said that the pallet is the connection point of all links in the modern logistics system. However, in our actual use, because the specifications are not uniform, the pallets cannot be used in the logistics operation chain, and are limited to the inside of the enterprise.

(2) The cost of the circulation process is too high.

From the investigation, it can be found that the PVC blister trays of most enterprises are moved inside the enterprise, which makes the products of the enterprise undergo manual handling activities for many times, which greatly reduces the work efficiency and correspondingly increases the circulation cost of the products, so that reducing the competitiveness of products in the market.

(3) Difficult to integrate with international standards.

Due to the inconsistent specifications of PVC blister trays, the use of pallets of China cannot be matched with international transport equipment such as internationally accepted containers. In order to adapt to relevant international transportation tools, enterprises have to order pallets that are inconsistent with the company's turnover using specifications, which increases the export cost of enterprises and reduces the international competitiveness of products.

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