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Blister Box Plastic Packaging
Jun 08, 2017

Blister Box Plastic Packaging

Blister box broadly speaking, refers to all the blister, narrowly speaking, just a class of blister: with a sheet of plastic molding for the plastic box-shaped, covered with the container connected. Multi-use PS made, there will be separated from the bottom of the cover, you can use a different material, if the Japanese fast food box, the end of the black PS, cover with transparent PET.

Blister is a plastic processing technology, the main principle is to flatten the plastic hard sheet softened, the use of vacuum adsorption on the mold surface, after cooling molding, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

Blister packaging: the use of plastic production process to produce plastic products, and the corresponding equipment to the product of the general name of the package. Blister packaging products include: blister, tray, plastic box, synonyms are: vacuum hood, blister and so on.

The main advantage of plastic packaging is to save raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, easy transportation, good sealing performance, in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging; can be packaged any shaped products, packing without additional cushioning material; transparent packaging products visible, Beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanization, automated packaging, easy to modern management, save manpower, improve efficiency

Blister packaging equipment include: plastic molding machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine.

Packaging the formation of packaging products can be divided into: card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bubble, folding bubble shell, three fold blister and so on.

(1) to protect the product

Digital products in the production after the completion of the need to use plastic packaging products to protect the direct sales, in order not to reach the point of sale when the items are scattered and can better ensure the integrity of the items, so the product will choose plastic box packaging, effective The packaging can also be better served to the destination.

(2) to promote sales

The use of plastic box can do to promote sales. Packaging has the role of identification, beautify the product, you can attract to buy, to guide consumption, as an important part of the form of products, if you choose to use the plastic box as a packaging business, need to pay attention to the plastic box packaging design, Image Design.

(3) to enhance the grade

Blister box packaging also has the effect of upgrading the grade, good packaging can reflect the value of a package of goods, but also improve product quality, access to higher value, because the packaging products for storage and storage, to facilitate transport and reduce damage Etc., can increase the market sales, but also a relatively increase in profitability. In the competitive industry, it is more able to reflect the value of goods, enhance the competitiveness of peers, the packaging of goods is one of the important factors, the quality of the goods themselves to ensure.

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