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Printed Plastic Box UV Ink Printing
Jun 08, 2017

Printed Plastic Box UV ink printing

Compared with traditional ink printing, UV printing does have a great advantage, but in the plastic substrate surface UV ink printing is still a challenging work. The biggest problem with UV ink printing on plastic substrates is how to firmly adhere UV ink to the surface of plastic substrates, ie, adhesion problems. UV ink in the curing, the internal components of the cross-linked polymerization, the volume instantaneous changes in the greater internal stress, affecting the ink on the printing material adhesion. So in the printing before the general plastic sheet surface treatment to improve the surface tension of plastic sheet to increase the adhesion of ink, the current corona treatment with more.

Although the surface treatment or modification of the substrate can improve the problem, but the fundamental solution is to seek and develop good adsorption, shrinkage stress is small, cheap UV ink. Registration is also a UV plastic printing one of the common problems, plastic sheet hardness, soft as paper, in the printing process is easy to produce overprint is not allowed to the problem. In this regard, the plastic sheet in the positioning, can only be used side push gauge, can not be used side of the regulation, in order to avoid the lack of strength of the regulation caused by overprint is not allowed. In addition, the UV lamp in the process of starting the infrared heat generated by enough to make plastic sheet deformation, resulting in overprint is not allowed, print size instability.

For this problem, Manroland uses eltosch's cold UV technology on its offset printing equipment, which uses a replaceable reflector to reflect the resulting infrared light at the start of the UV lamp and cool it with a cooling source during operation And then the UV light is used to cure the UV ink. UV printing technology new progress China's latest UV three-dimensional grating ink UV-1278N, mainly used for printing three-dimensional grating diaphragm. Different from the traditional hot press molding process, the new process using screen printing method, the ink printed on the transparent film, the direct formation of columnar grating graphics; can also be three-dimensional grating ink printed directly on the print, the formation of three-dimensional pattern, but also Selectively print the pattern so that the local three-dimensional, printed three-dimensional effect of the pattern is obvious, and hot-rolled grating plate comparable to the three-dimensional printing opened up a new method. The use of the ink printing grating diaphragm can greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. The printing substrate can be transparent plastic film, such as PVC, PC, PET, can also be paper, metal, glass, ceramics, mesh mesh to 200 to 350 mesh is better. The ink colorless and transparent, UV fast curing, curing film is not yellowing, good adhesion fastness, good toughness.

Subaru CD74 Offset for UV Printing For commercial printing companies, packaging and label printing companies using a wide variety of substrates, and printing companies that produce products such as greeting cards or book letters in double-sided printing, Subaru CD74 Double-sided printing presses are an ideal model. In addition to single-sided printing and double-sided printing standard models, Subaru CD74 there are a variety of printing units and polishing unit configuration, can have a double glazing unit models, or UV glazing and other functions integrated Together with the models, it can be a paper to complete the printing before polishing or printing after polishing the model, is entirely on-demand configuration.