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Blister Box Blister Packaging
Jul 31, 2017

Blister Box Blister packaging

At the end of November, the whole city of Shanghai seems to have entered the winter, and a week of rain has been intermittent, and the overall temperature is slowly falling. It seems that the winter rhythm broke out in November. Shanghai Qingpu District Shenjiabang Road on the 11th, is located in a plastic industry veteran enterprises Shanghai Minxing Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. The company mainly to plastic products as the main production products. Service in all sectors of the product packaging, but also in the major online platform products and cooperation, to provide products blister packaging.

 Plastic packaging technology is becoming more and more tend to high strength, lightweight, while the thermal impact of glass bottles is also greatly improved, even if the temperature difference between 800 ℃ and above will not produce the phenomenon of rupture, which greatly promoted its Application on aseptic packaging. British Dairy Research Institute is one of the early development of glass bottles aseptic packaging units, they use saturated steam on the glass bottle sterilization, the temperature is 154 ℃, sterilization time of 1.5s, sterilization after sterilization of milk, sealed to form Aseptic packaging products.

    Packaging industry technology breakthrough, Minxing for the quality of packaging has been improved. At present, the advanced representatives of the global aseptic packaging are the United States of Doole aseptic. The system uses a dry heat sterilization method, when the empty cans in the conveyor chain through the sterilization chamber, the superheated steam car up and down spray 45s, then the tank temperature rose to 221 ~ 224 ℃, in addition, the lid is also used 287 ~ 316 ℃ Superheated steam sterilization 75 ~ 90s, these temperatures are enough to kill all the heat-resistant bacteria. As all containers and equipment are used to sterilize the superheated steam, so the metal tank through the system of high degree of sterility, the tank at the top of the residual air very little, the product quality safe and reliable. The same time as

    With the development of the industry, the progress of science and technology, the people are sensitive to food safety, in order to standardize the industry behavior, to ensure product safety and stability, China's plastic products packaging industry a series of laws and regulations and standards. It covers all food-related materials. Which national standards (133). Industry standard (127 items). Due to the standard time and space issues, some standards continue to be used, but they are not suited to the current technical background.

    March 1, 2015, "GBT30768-2014 food packaging paper and plastic composite film, bag" standard officially used in the industry. The standard specifies the terms and definitions of the food packaging paper and plastic composite film, the definitions, abbreviations and symbols, classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage. Applicable to the thickness of less than 0.30mm, with food grade packaging base paper and plastic in the application of aseptic packaging for the development of aseptic packaging provides a vast world. For example, with excellent heat sealing, plastic can be made for the milk, soy sauce, vinegar and other bags. This kind of packaging in the absence of preservatives, without refrigeration under the premise of a longer shelf life. In addition, the plastic packaging box in recent years, rapid development, especially PET plastic bottle coating technology, plasma technology applications, and can withstand high temperature sterilization, which makes its scope of application can be expanded. Similar plastic aseptic packaging products are not uncommon in our lives.