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Blister Box Blister Packaging Mold
Jul 03, 2017

Blister Box Blister packaging mold

1: mold making and processing: according to the requirements or sample specifications, the first make a good plastic mold, under normal conditions, are the use of gypsum production of plastic packaging mold, but also useful wood carving and metal carving products for mold, , Then let the natural dry completely or dry, and then according to the specific surface of the product convex and concave, with 1-2 mm drilling in the product does not affect the appearance of the package looks like a small hole in the hole, if the box and the like products , Have to drill in some of the holes around the hole, so that when the plastic production, the air can be taken out, the mold drill hole, the gypsum mold must also be hardened, plus hardening method is thick alum saturated liquid immersion After the dry.

2: mold processing dry completely, the mold into the vacuum chamber on the upper iron plate, and then according to the size of the mold, the plastic sheet into the applicable size, and then the sheet into the heated cabinet, so that it is completely fixed , Then the wooden cabinet together with the plastic sheet on the thermostat furnace for softening treatment.

3: the softened plastic sheet together with the cabinet, placed in the vacuum chamber, start the suction switch, the vacuum indoor air suction clean, until the plastic sheet is cooled, that is, with the mold of the same concave packaging or process mold.

4: blister packaging finishing; will produce the product trimming finishing is finished products, and then after the sale can be packaged.

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Optional: Blister packaging is the use of plastic technology to produce plastic products, and the corresponding equipment to the product of the general name of the package.

Blister packaging molds generally have gypsum mold, electroplating copper mold and aluminum mold three

Gypsum mold: gypsum in the semi-wet state of carving molding, and then dried into a mold, gypsum mold cost is low, easy to modify, but the gypsum mold accuracy is not high enough, the surface is not smooth and fragile and durable, so it is often used to fight Pretend to do the mold of copper mold or some of the requirements of high-volume production of plastic mold.

Aluminum mold: with aluminum ingots through machinery (lathes, milling machines, CNC, etc.) processing from. Aluminum mold with high precision, the surface is smooth and durable, but the price is very expensive, aluminum mold is generally used in the high precision copper mold can not reach the plastic products.

Plating copper mold: made of gypsum made of samples, the electroplating of a layer of copper shell is the electroplating copper mold, the cost is relatively high gypsum mold, but much cheaper than the aluminum die, because of its smooth surface durability, low cost advantages, Copper mold is the most commonly used plastic mold.