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Blister Box Production Process
Sep 15, 2017

Blister Box Production Process

Enterprises in the procurement of packaging will inevitably have many concerns, especially for the production capacity of products, qualifications, as well as the design level of the box, the quality of the box to produce the most valued. Details determine the success or failure of each blister product, but also a blister factory strength of the front line. More than when we received a customer order, we must strictly control the details of a link to ensure that our products to the customer is qualified.

   Blister box design is to take into account the blister packaging wall thickness should be to ensure that the strength of the base parallel bars as much as possible to speed up the production cycle, in addition to blister packaging design is also to avoid water; product in the design , Some customers are not familiar with the plastic production process, only based on packaging products, resulting in plastic box design often appear too large or too small scale, deep trough too deep, excessive rounded corners, uneven thickness and other problems ; Blister packaging design of China's draft angle and size of the stretch, consider the plastic packaging products in the mold removal process has been convenient, has been drained, blister packaging design and manufacturing both inside and outside have a certain Drafting slope; Blister packaging design should be selected rough roughness processing requirements.

    When everything is ready, we will enter the mold proofing, where we first make a mold proofing, because the sample made out, if the customer there are other places need to be modified, then we will not waste a lot. Plastic products are mainly made of high quality PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking and other plastic materials, the production of high-grade and a variety of electronic plastic packaging, stationery blister packaging, toys, plastic packaging , Metal blister packaging, food category plastic packaging, cosmetic products, plastic packaging category. Blister packaging high quality, inexpensive, more beautify your product, so that more customers are attracted.

From the material to see, plastic packaging mainly PVC, PET, PP and PS four kinds of materials, the same material and ordinary plastic box with flocking or anti-static plastic box of the points. Different materials of the box because of the different material properties corresponding to different structures and uses. Such as PP material material soft but resistant to high and low temperature, and safety and environmental protection, it is generally the main material as a food blister box. From the use of classification of words: with its strong applicability and all over the industry. Such as electronics, stationery, smoking, toys, hardware, food, cosmetic products, medical equipment, and so on.

Blister box can make the product's own price and image to be improved, as well as the role of shaping and dissemination of corporate brand image and visibility have a significant impact; Blister box also to show, protect the product for the purpose of packaging products For the small commodity, you can place or hang in the supermarket shelves, so that your products perfectly in front of customers to promote product sales; plastic box to separate, shock, foil for the purpose of packaging products for electronics, IT , Industrial parts, toys, stationery, food, handicrafts and cosmetics, can be packaged and small products, so that the product is more beautiful overall.