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Blister Packaging Green
Sep 26, 2017

Blister Packaging Green

Blister packaging products should be adapted to the concept of green

Plastic packaging in the packaging industry occupies an increasing proportion of its requirements are getting higher and higher, green is one of the requirements. Blister technology continues to promote the design of plastic packaging innovation, to ensure the basic functions of the conditions, can achieve the plastic packaging products, lightweight or thin. In order to achieve the purpose of green, plastic packaging materials companies can make reference to the following aspects of plastic packaging to improve and enhance: 1. Innovative and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technology, so that more excellent performance of plastic packaging materials , And the use of new materials, high performance, to achieve the reduction of packaging materials;

2. Through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of plastic packaging new materials, new technologies to avoid the cost is too high, many green packaging of plastic materials can not be a large area of application problems;

3. To improve and improve the plastic recycling technology, the plastic packaging materials recycling rate increased significantly to improve and eliminate plastic packaging materials caused by white pollution risks, improve resource utilization;

4. The development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology, the use of some plastic packaging materials with edible, water-soluble and other characteristics, reduce the amount of waste generated by the packaging to improve the safety and environmental protection of plastic packaging performance.

5. The development of bio-based plastics, effective regulation of biological plastic degradation time and cycle, in full play the role of bio-plastic packaging materials at the same time, reduce and eliminate plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment pollution and impact;

6. To promote the plastic blending technology, plastic additives and application of new technology and the development of plastic packaging materials to ensure that non-toxic, health, environmental protection under the premise of the use of low-cost technology to enhance the performance of plastic packaging materials for the reduction Offer possible. Blister packaging products from the function is mainly divided into three categories:

One is to display, protect, beautify the product for the purpose of the transparent series, the packaging of products for small commodities, placed or suspended in the supermarket shelves, the choice of materials for the more transparent PET and PVC products, including: mask , Card bubble shell, suction card bubble shell, heat sealing double bubble shell, folding double bubble shell and transparent folding box and so on.

The other is the protection, separation, shock, foil for the purpose of the tray, plastic box series, packaging products for the electronics, IT, industrial parts and cosmetics, the choice of materials for the PS (color, anti-static and flocking Etc.), products include: tray, care, plastic box, flocking plastic, anti-static plastic, conductive plastic tray, turnover tray and so on.

There is also a combination of the above two types of blister packaging products, and the bottom cover and sandwich packaging. This kind of packaging the bottom of the "face" is used in a better transparency PET material, "bottom" is used PS material. He can play a protective container function, but also play a visual effect of the display products.