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Blister Packaging Storage And Packaging Tools
Aug 11, 2017

Blister Packaging Storage and packaging tools

Plastic pallet is a kind of assembly unit tool which can effectively load and unload items, which can be used for loading and unloading, transport and storage. It has become a kind of important storage and transportation packaging tool, although it has been widely used. In practice, but the relevant theoretical research did not keep up with the pace of development.

Plastic tray in the axial uniform load, the deformation is often a large deflection deformation, and because the material is often showing a viscoelastic, with the carrying time increases, tray deflection changes will be more and more. At present, most of the researches on plastic pallets are based on wooden pallets and elastic small deflections. Based on the theory of elasticity of small deflection, the deflection of plastic tray is studied, but the influence of the material elasticity is considered. The mechanical properties of the slabs are simplified and analyzed as the mechanical model of the beam. The mechanical properties of the pallets are analyzed and verified. The viscoelasticity of the thin plates is considered and the creep buckling of the thin plates is studied.

At present, the study of plastic pallets still takes into account the effects of large deflection and viscoelasticity. Due to the rapid development of the plastic tray industry, its viscoelasticity and large deflection deformation research will also be the focus of future research. In this paper, considering the influence of large deflection and viscoelasticity, the deflection equation of plastic tray under axial uniform load is obtained, which can provide effective help for the design of plastic tray. Usually in the purchase of plastic tray, are not going to pay attention to the color of the plastic tray, but not the lack of those who do not like the blue plastic tray, and like other colors of the customer. So today, whether the plastic tray color is the impact of the quality of the plastic tray. Why are all plastic pallets blue? In fact, this is the convenience of many manufacturers in order to recycle, will it color are set to a color.

If there are different colors of the plastic tray, will cause the disorder of the market order, can not be normal recycling, the user is a loss. If you need to store the product when you can also choose to have a variety of colors of the plastic tray. In fact, from the raw materials to the manufacturing process, they are about the same. Material and quality is almost no difference, but in the color will be different. So the color of the plastic tray is suitable for the division and attribution of the category.