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Eco-friendly Plastic Packaging
Dec 05, 2016

Plastic packaging materials in the packaging field recognized by the majority of businesses, one of the most important factors are equally high quality transparent plastic packaging materials with glass materials characteristics. To better show the packaging of goods, improve the image and quality of the goods. However in the blister packaging materials and on the production and processing of plastic packaging products, there are many factors that influence the transparency of blister packing products, is not conducive to product packaging shows. To this end, Fu Jia technical expert analysis of the factors influencing the transparency of packaging materials, in order to better improve the transparency of packaging materials.

Judge blister packaging standards of transparency usually have light transmittance, fog, refractive index and birefringence and dispersion, and so on. Transmittance of plastic packaging materials, can be divided into: transparent plastic packaging materials, 400NM-800NM wavelength visible light transmittance is above 80%; translucent plastic packaging materials: visible light transmittance between 50%-80%; opaque packaging materials: visible light the refractive index under 50%. According to these standards, our resin can be divided into transparent resin (including PMMA, PC, PS, PET, PES, j, d-series, CR-39, SAN, TPX, HEMA, BS and other plastic material), translucent resin material: PP, and PA; opaque resin materials: ABS, POM, PTFE, and PF etc.

Ways to improve the transparency of plastic packaging materials are as follows: to reduce crystallinity, purity control plastic production, improve the refractive index and method of reduced birefringence.

For example:

1, by adding a nucleating agent, increasing the transmittance of transparent resin, crystals of small molecules, play a nucleus role;

2, two-way stretch to improve the transparency of plastic, can make the product the original grain broken grain size is smaller, to the aim of enhancing the transparency;

3, through blending to improve the transparency of plastic, is to join other resins in transparent resin, and improve transparency.

In developed are requirements products meet EU ROHS environmental requirements, using or contains CD, and lead, and mercury, and six price chrome, four species heavy metal, and more bromide joint benzene, and more bromide two benzene ether as flame retardant agent of electronic electrical products will not allows into EU City field, sucking plastic packaging as electronic products of packaging annex also not exception, PET, and PS, and PP material itself are not containing this six species toxic components, but film production manufacturers also is to regularly test, and requirements its raw materials suppliers provides environmental detection data.

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