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Electronic Product Blister Packaging Anti-static Function
Sep 26, 2017

Electronic Product Blister Packaging Anti-static function

Now most of the electronics manufacturers in the purchase of plastic tray, are preferred with anti-static function of the plastic tray. So, why do electronic products to use anti-static plastic tray as a packaging? We work together to understand the next. Packaging and transportation of electronic products will inevitably produce some friction, from the physics point of view, is friction can cause static electricity, which remain static if the board could easily cause a short circuit, causing them to electronic products damage. So to avoid this happening, electronic packaging materials will have anti-static function.

Anti-static plastic tray is a good appearance, but also with the protection of product features blister packaging products. Mainly with its unique anti-static function, has become the largest use of electronic plastic packaging products inside. As the development of China's electronics industry to speed up the use of anti-static plastic tray will be greatly improved. Blister packaging products in modern industrial production plays a significant role, it is in the protection of products and display products have their own unique features. Today's packaging for you to introduce the functional classification of plastic packaging products. Blister packaging products from the function is mainly divided into three categories:

One is to display, protect, beautify the product for the purpose of the transparent series, the packaging of products for small commodities, placed or suspended in the supermarket shelves, the choice of materials for the more transparent PET and PVC products, including: mask , Card bubble shell, suction card bubble shell, heat sealing double bubble shell, folding double bubble shell and transparent folding box and so on.

The other is the protection, separation, shock, foil for the purpose of the tray, plastic box series, packaging products for the electronics, IT, industrial parts and cosmetics, the choice of materials for the PS (color, anti-static and flocking Etc.), products include: tray, care, plastic box, flocking plastic, anti-static plastic, conductive plastic tray, turnover tray and so on.

There is also a combination of the above two types of blister packaging products, and the bottom cover and sandwich packaging. This kind of packaging the bottom of the "face" is used in a better transparency PET material, "bottom" is used PS material. He can play a protective container function, but also play a visual effect of the display products. Blister tray is very versatile and can cover all industries. In the process of logistics and transport, it is a lot of products can play a very good protective effect, and in order to further protect the product, the market gradually popular anti-static plastic tray, the same as a plastic packaging products, it The use of anti-static index under the anti-static plastic tray life is not the same, in other words, anti-static plastic The life of the pallet is related to the material, but also to its anti-static rating. In the anti-static plastic tray, conductive plastic tray longest life, the normal use of life conditions for 1 to 3 years, the anti-static value will not be affected by the environment, air, temperature and humidity, so called permanent anti-static plastic pallets; semi-conductive plastic tray normal use of time for six months to a year, compared to the value of anti-static conductive plastic tray to be lower, anti-static plastic tray affected by external factors such as environment, time is normally only 3 to 6 months, the affected life will be shortened.