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Electronic Product Blister Packaging Introduced Under The Application Of Plastic In Various Industries
Jul 31, 2017

Electronic Product Blister Packaging Introduced under the application of plastic in various industries 

Introduced under the application of plastic in various industries:

Blister automotive industry

Car interior trim, motorcycle trim plate, electric scooter shell, car hood, logistics turnover tray, tool car shell

Food, medical, home appliances industry blister

Plastic food tray (egg care, fast food boxes, cups, food tray, etc.), cosmetics and other plastic packaging, refrigerator liner plastic, bathtub, electronic tray, door, medical equipment, lamps, etc.

The type of mold is usually classified according to the different processing objects and processes. From the point of view of the industry, there are plastic molds, rubber molds, metal cold molds, metal cold extrusion molds and hot extrusion molds, metal drawing molds , Powder metallurgy mold, metal die-casting mold, metal precision casting mold, glass mold, glass steel mold, and so on.

The following is only the most common import of plastic products used in the molding process used in different types of mold classification, introduced.

Plastic The most common molding methods are generally divided into melt molding and solid phase molding two categories: melt molding is the plastic heated to above the melting point, so that it is in the molten state of the molding process, belonging to this molding method of molding Solid phase molding refers to the plastic below the melting temperature to maintain solid state under a class of molding methods, such as some plastic packaging containers produced by the vacuum forming, compressed air molding (such as plastic molding), the production of plastic molding, And blow molding. In addition, there are liquid molding methods, such as casting, slush and dip dip molding method.

According to the different molding methods, can be divided into different processing requirements of the plastic processing mold type, mainly injection molding die, extrusion molding mold, compression molding mold, blow molding mold, plastic molding mold, high foam polystyrene Ethylene molding die and so on.

Plastic injection (plastic) mold

It is mainly the production of thermoplastic products in the production of the most common form of a mold, plastic injection molding mold corresponding to the processing equipment is a plastic injection molding machine, plastic first in the injection machine bottom heating cylinder within the hot melt, and then in the injection machine Screw or plunger driven by the injection machine nozzle and die casting system into the mold cavity, plastic cooling hardening molding, stripping to get products. Its structure is usually composed of forming parts, pouring system, guide parts, push-out mechanism, thermostat system, exhaust system, support parts and other components. Manufacturing materials are usually made of plastic mold steel module, commonly used materials are mainly carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel. Injection molding process is usually only applicable to the production of thermoplastic products, injection molding process with the production of plastic products is very wide, from daily necessities to all kinds of complex machinery, electrical appliances, vehicle parts are used to mold injection molding, It is the most widely used in the production of plastic products, a processing method.

Plastic compression molds

Including compression molding and compression molding two structural mold types. They are mainly used to form a class of thermosetting plastic mold, the corresponding equipment is pressure forming machine. Compression molding method is based on plastic properties, the mold heated to the molding temperature (usually in the 103 ℃ -180 ℃), and then the measurement of good compression molding powder into the mold cavity and feeding chamber, closed mold, plastic in high heat, high pressure Under the softening of the viscous flow, after a certain time after curing stereotypes, as the required product shape. Injection molding and compression molding is different from a separate feeding chamber, mold before the first mold closed, the plastic in the feeding room to complete the preheat was viscous flow, under pressure in the high-speed squeeze into the mold cavity, hardening molding. The compression mold is also used to shape certain special thermoplastics such as hard-to-melt thermoplastics (such as polytetrafluoroethylene) blanks (cold forming), high optical properties of resin lenses, slightly foamed nitrocellulose car steering wheel The Compression die mainly by the cavity, feeding chamber, guide mechanism, the introduction of components, heating systems and other components. Pressure injection mold is widely used in packaging electrical components. Compression mold manufacturing materials used in the same material and injection mold.