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Electronic Product Blister Packaging Packaging Field
Jul 14, 2017

Electronic Product Blister Packaging Packaging field

Blister packaging has made great progress in the development of products, covering the electronics, hardware, stationery, technology, food, agriculture, cosmetics, toys and other industries, has accumulated a group of highly loyal customers.

Plastic products cover a wide range of products, from plastic products, plastic hardware to electronic enclosures, involving daily life in the various areas of common consumer goods. Plastic products can be divided into injection molding, extrusion, compression molding, blow molding, plastic five. Among them, the plastic process, also known as vacuum plastic molding, is the plastic sheet or sheet flattened by heating and softening, the use of plastic molding machine will heat softening of plastic hard film adsorption on the mold surface, after cooling to form Product packaging shape requirements of the plastic products production process. Blister packaging is the use of plastic technology to produce plastic products, and with the appropriate equipment for cutting the packaging products industry. Plastic products, such as high-quality PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking and special needs of the conductive and anti-static and other plastic materials, production of various electronic components, sports category, toys, Class, food category, cosmetic and gift products required for packaging plastic products. Blister packaging products with high security features, low cost, environmental protection, and has beautified customer product features, highlighting the high-end products to attract buyers attention. Blister industry mostly has the following characteristics:

1, the majority of enterprises in the plastic industry is oriented to order-based production model.

2, orders and more varieties, multi-batch, small batch, temporary insert a single, change a single phenomenon.

3, product variety, short life cycle, rapid replacement; customer demand for personalized products high.

4, the machine directly determines the production capacity, raw pipe scheduling directly to the machine.

5, product design, mold development in the production and operation plays an important role in the mold management requirements strict.

6, versatile materials should have a certain security inventory.

If the classification according to the thickness of the material can be divided into:

(Including APET, PETG), PE, BOPS, and recycled paper and other materials and the effect of folding, folding, folding, and so on, the main use of thin plastic thickness of 0.14 ~ 1.2 mm, mainly using PVC, PP, PS (HIPS) Drums, folding, folding boxes, and high frequency Other non-thermoformed plastic products, widely used in food, medicine, electronics, toys, computers, daily necessities, cosmetics and machinery hardware industry, and so on.

B, thick film blister thickness of 1mm - 3mm, mainly used PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), PET (including APET, PETG), PE, ABS, PC and PMMA, and other materials and injection molding The main products are refrigerator, advertising light box, product display, pet cage, chassis, rear projection TV rear shell, and various mechanical panels, etc., can replace plastic injection products, mold cost is low (only 1/20 of the injection Mold costs), short production cycle, mold development time is short, generally only 3 to 5 days) and so on.

Blister packaging is called hard film or film, commonly used are:

        (1) PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet, PET sheet toughness, high transparency, easy to burn, combustion does not produce harmful gases, are environmentally friendly materials, but the price is high, suitable for high-end plastic Products, Europe and the United States blister blister generally require the use of PET hard film, but it is not easy to heat, to bring great difficulties packaging, in order to solve this problem, people use a PETG ethylene glycol modified - poly Ethylene glycol ester material, this material both PVC heat resistance, but also PET high environmental protection and transparency, but the price is higher.

        (2) PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheet, PVC sheet toughness is moderate, not easy to burn, combustion will produce chlorine, the environment caused a certain impact, PVC easy heat, sealing machine and high frequency machine edge, is the production Transparent plastic products, the main raw material.

        (3) PS (polystyrene) sheet, PS hard chip low density, poor toughness, easy to burn, burning will produce styrene gas (a harmful gas), it is generally used to produce all kinds of industrial plastic tray The

        (4) PP (polypropylene) sheet, the material is particularly soft, good toughness, environmental non-toxic, high temperature, often made of food and beverage utensils or its high temperature products, packaging; but its poor plasticity, processing difficult, Poor gloss, and the color will be lighter during processing.