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Electronic Product Blister Packaging The Main Reason Is
Aug 26, 2017

Electronic Product Blister Packaging The main reason is

In the plastic packaging industry, blister products in the same batch of delivery, and some blister products color yellow, very ugly, especially in the final packaging used, this great impact The product sales and beautiful, so to the enterprise caused a certain loss. However, Xiaobian feel blister products caused by the main reason there are many, the main ones are the following:

1, equipment aspects

(1) equipment is not clean. Dust on the equipment or dust will make the blister sheet pollution, this will cause blistering color.

(2) thermocouple, thermostat or heating system imbalance caused by temperature imbalance, this will make the plastic packaging discoloration.

2, mold aspects

(1) the mold of the exhaust hole is bad, resulting in plastic in the case of high temperature and pressure and oxygen had a violent reaction, burned plastic and so on.

(2) blister sheet or that the mold contains the lubricant, release agent too much, so we should be on a regular basis to clean, and then is to remove some of the additives such as anti-static.

3, sheet aspects.

(1) moisture and volatile content is high.

(2) coloring agent, high temperature decomposition of additives.

(3) The sheet is contaminated.

In short, resulting in plastic products, the main reason is the color change, and now we all understand it!

A, vacuum plastic molding method: The molding method to produce the plastic tray is divided into single-sided and double-sided type. Single-sided plastic tray is widely used in electrical, electronic and other packaging, and to the main private. Double-sided plastic tray are assembled, divided into two ways: the upper half of the extrusion for the fixed length, the width of plastic sheet, the lower half of the large vacuum plastic products.

B, extrusion molding Blister method: The molding method to produce the plastic tray are assembled. That is, the use of extruder, the number of equipment, and out of the extrusion as the upper and lower panels and the use of convergence as a support with the wing of the I-shaped adapter plate, and then assembled. In the four molding methods, the law of production equipment, mold investment at least, the lowest cost, the best cost performance.

C, injection molding method: injection molding production of plastic pallets goods flat, bright, dense, large degree of freedom of product design, divided into double-sided type of plastic tray and double-sided assembled plastic tray. Double-sided integral plastic tray is usually the product weight of 15 kg / block or more, the shape is more complex, the request clamping force of more than 2,500 tons of injection molding machine production. Double-sided assembled plastic tray is the double-sided type of plastic tray is divided into two upper and lower, and then from the injection molding and then assembled from. Usually blister processing plants are able to do. So this blister production method may become the mainstream of the production of plastic tray.

D, extrusion hollow blow molding method: the extrusion of plastic tray - hollow blow molding and the usual hollow blow molding method is similar, because of its large, and double-sided type, the demand for a larger squeeze Machine, mold and mold. Usually the life of blow molding plastic tray can reach 5 to 10 years, together in the -40 ~ 40 ℃ environment stable work. The dynamic load of the goods can reach more than 3t, bending strength to reach a higher level. Is the demand for long life, high strength use of the preferred plastic tray.