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Food Blister Packaging Blister Requirement
Oct 30, 2017

Food Blister Packaging Blister requirement

1. The suction mold is critical. The heating sheet must be evenly distributed, and one to one, you can't have a lot of joints, or it will be very poor.

2. The temperature and pressure timing of the suction machine should be controlled. If the film is burnt, the temperature is too high or the pressure time is too long.

3. The printing ink has a great impact on the absorption effect: the large area of the field should be much less effective, especially the fluorescence components in ink, after printing ink to dry out and then absorb the plastic.

4, paper, first, the paper itself to conform to the requirements of the blister, what should be done before the printing paper blister test, OK to rear can printing, blister effect is good in the market now has a remarkable white the white board and a white paper.

5, different PVC/PET sheet thickness of blister effects is very big, the easier the more thick sheet general blister blister packaging of blister cover material thickness of 0.15 - $2, less than $2 blister hood is very difficult to suck up.

6. After drying the printing ink, the plastic oil will be used for the adsorption test.

7. There are many kinds of oil-absorbing oil, such as ordinary oil-absorbing oil, environmental protection and plastic oil, and powerful suction and plastic oil. Different oils correspond to different types of paper, and the corresponding absorber materials are the same. The pet material is to be used for Korean pine paper and environmental protection oil. The PVC material can be matched with the grey white board and ordinary plastic-absorbing.

8. It is also related to pressure and pressure, but many machines can't adjust the pressure, and if you find that you can't put more pressure on it, you can try again. After the plastic-absorbing box can be tested.

Blister products with high quality PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking, etc. Various kinds of plastic material, production of high-grade and all kinds of electronics blister packaging, stationery, blister packaging, toys, hardware blister packaging, blister packaging, food blister packing, cosmetic gift and blister packing.

Advantages of blister packaging:

1. The plastic-absorbing packaging can enhance the price and image of the product itself, and also the role of shaping and communication, which has a significant impact on the brand image and reputation of the enterprise.

2, blister packaging also to display and protection products for the purpose, mostly small commodity packaging products, can put or hanging in the supermarket shelves, let your products perfect displayed in front of customers so as to promote product sales.

Three, blister packaging for the purpose of separation, shockproof, foil, packaging products for electronics, IT, industrial parts, toys, stationery, food, crafts, and cosmetics, etc., can be packaged and small products, to make the product more beautiful as a whole.