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Food Blister Packaging Mainly Used
Jul 14, 2017

Food Blister Packaging Mainly used

Blister box in the production process of common problems

Blister box is mainly used to protect products, promote product sales, improve product quality. So the flow of plastic box on the market are generally no blemish blister packaging box, but in the production process will also be a lot of problems. In order to allow more customers to understand our products, today, high strength for you to introduce our production of plastic boxes in the process of some common problems.

Scratch: This should be our common problem, if we produce blister box with scratches on the traces too long, too big then this product is defective, can not be used in high-end packaging

Crystal point: in the plastic sheet production process, due to the heating of plastic materials in Kazakhstan has the air, is to produce the finished sheet with a bubble, especially in the transparent plastic sheet production process, this bubble Too large, too much as defective.

Water ripples: Due to the different processing of the blister sheet, the finished product has a water ripple. This is the case where most of the pvc sheet is present.

Dirty: in the blister packaging process, the system because of the process of operation and placement of improper environment, it may cause some of the finished product blister packaging case.

Blister box for the production of mold classification

Blister packaging box is the main advantage of saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, easy transportation, in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging, packaging any special-shaped products, packing without additional cushioning material, transparent packaging products can be seen, beautiful appearance easy to sell , And suitable for mechanization, automated packaging, easy to modernize governance, save manpower, improve efficiency.

Manufacturing blister packaging products with the mold, the lowest cost is gypsum mold, followed by electroplating copper mold, the most expensive is aluminum mold. The mold is drilled with small holes for vacuum adsorption of heat-hardened chips to form blister products. Color plastic box, that is, through the plastic material of their own color and printing, silk screen, price molding and other technology produced by the color plastic box. This form of plastic box, the production process is relatively complex, the product quality requirements are relatively high, so its price will be higher than the ordinary blister box. Color plastic packaging box nice, easy to product transportation, sales display, etc., in many areas have applications, especially electronic plastic packaging, in a lot of electronic products stores, through the color blister packaging products through the light. Showcase set off, so that the product is more beautiful, full color, visual impact, it is easy to attract the attention of consumers. How to judge whether the blister pack is qualified

There are a lot of plastic packaging on the market now, the style is also very much. Everything makes it difficult for consumers to choose, looking dazzled. Of course, now there are a lot of manufacturers of plastic packaging production, the production of more products, then how should we choose a qualified box? Some people say that the thicker the better the box? In fact, this is not the case, plastic blister packaging production is to have a strict standard, especially for food packaging plastic box, we must choose the regular. Is there a bright color packaging? Obviously bad, if it is food box, then we'd better choose the color dodge, so the additive at least a little less. Can plastic boxes be used repeatedly? If it is only used to decorate the goods can be the case, but if it is used to install food, then this is not good, and will cause serious physical harm to our body.

So we choose to blister packaging box should be based on three important to analyze, to choose. Good packaging to have a attractive attractive design and design: plastic packaging on the cost of acceptability; with the company's brand and other products, as well as the relevance of security and security. Second, there must be a reasonable structure. Packaging structure is to provide the protection of the product and the appearance of the shape of the other; good blister packaging box to use packaging materials to be reasonable, both for the packaging to provide the necessary protection performance, but also easy to process and meet environmental requirements.