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Food Blister Packaging Packaging Products
May 31, 2017

Food Blister Advantages:

First, the food blister packaging products can make their own prices and enhance the image, as well as the role of shaping and dissemination of the brand image and visibility of enterprises have a significant impact.

Second, the food blister packaging also to display, protect the product for the purpose of packaging products for small commodities, you can place or hang in the supermarket shelves, so that your products perfectly show in front of customers to promote product sales.

Third, the food blister packaging to separate, shock, foil for the purpose of packaging products for the electronics, IT, industrial parts, toys, stationery, food, handicrafts and cosmetics, packaging and more small products, Overall beauty.

Food blister packaging products mainly to high-quality PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking and other plastic materials, production of high-grade and a variety of electronic plastic packaging, stationery blister packaging, Plastic packaging, metal blister packaging, food category plastic packaging, cosmetic products, plastic packaging category. Food blister packaging high quality, inexpensive, more beautify your product, so that more customers are attracted.

Food blister packaging products in the production process which often encounter some quality problems, the main problems are crystal point, bubble, thickness, scratches, pull line, then how can we avoid these problems?

The point is that the surface of the blister pack will show a little bit of the dregs. The reason for the presence of the dregs is because the sheet business is produced at the time of production and with some impurities.

Solution: you can find a personal information provider to reflect or improve the sheet on the question.

Bubble: scratches This problem is the surface of the data will be a bubble point is also the cause of the production of sheet business,

Solution: you can find a personal information provider to reflect or improve the sheet on the question.

Thickness: Blister packaging products presented in the product thickness of the reasons, the reasons for a large machine on the temperature conditioning, the placement of the shelves, the information thickness of the province is not uniform.

Solution: the temperature of the big machine in accordance with the softness of the data to adjust their own, shelves, then pay more attention to shelves and mold placed in the curvature and orientation, if the sheet itself is still the question to find sheet business.

Scratch: Scratches this situation because the blister factory employees in the course of the operation did not protect the product caused by the collision around the four.

Solution: increase the production line, when packing and punching more attention.

This is the case where the surface of the blister pack has a layer of wrinkles.

Solution: in the production of the thickness of the sheet to adjust the temperature, the shelves placed arc, as well as the corner of the mold will be easy to pull the line.

Food blister packaging products from the function is divided into two categories:

1. To display, protect, beautify the product for the purpose of transparent food blister packaging products series, such blister packaging products are mostly small commodities, placed or suspended in the supermarket shelves, the choice of materials for the more transparent PET And PVC, such blister packaging products include: mask, card bubble shell, suction card bubble shell, heat sealing double bubble shell, folding double bubble shell and transparent folding box;

Second, to protect, separate, shock, foil for the purpose of the tray, blister box series, such food blister packaging products for electronics, IT, industrial parts and cosmetics, the choice of materials for the PS, such blister packaging Products include: tray, natal, plastic boxes, flocking plastic, anti-static plastic, conductive plastic tray, turnover tray, and so on.