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Food Blister Packaging The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Food Blister Box
Jul 03, 2017

Food Blister Packaging The advantages and disadvantages of food blister box

Blister packaging to display, protect the product for the purpose of packaging products for small commodities, you can place or hang in the supermarket shelves, so that your products perfectly show in front of customers to promote product sales. The current food blister box in our lives is often used by us, it can be said in the food blister packaging industry by people like most of a blister packaging, then the food blister box in the end why we are welcome, Now give you about the advantages and disadvantages of food blister box. First of all, the most prominent feature of food blister packaging materials is light weight, good toughness, for the need for long-distance transport of goods, can play to reduce the transport weight, easy to transport and so on, which is other packaging materials can not be compared.

  Second, the food blister packaging materials have a very good barrier and permeability, in the plastic packaging, a gas barrier packaging, moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, there are a variety of fresh food for the packaging of fresh fruit, these are plastic packaging In order to ensure the respiration of fresh ingredients and extend the packaging.

  In recent years, with the support of high-tech, blister packaging trends gradually diversified, technology applications are becoming more mature, from the 2011 China International Color Box Show we can see that the current high-quality production of domestic enterprises Processing equipment, its technical level, production speed has catch up with the international level, reflects the production of Chinese plastic packaging equipment competitiveness. In addition to the full removal of waste with the function, but also has a sub-link function, which can be automatically on the version of each product separately, and then collect the product neatly, and intelligent stacking, thereby reducing the manual Waste and sub-box process. In the field of multi-unit equipment, Dongguan City, Xu Kang Industrial Co., Ltd. has launched a multi-station hot stamping solution, the solution to break the traditional hot stamping machine only one job location limitations, according to the product requirements of a flexible combination of technology Paper to complete the "hot stamping + hot stamping", "hot stamping + pressure bump" and other combinations of technology, so that the efficiency doubled.

Blister packaging industry will become the focus of future development, and today's daily life, each industry, each area will need a variety of plastic packaging, so blister packaging will determine the extent of the product High and low-end positioning from the current market demand, with the promotion of domestic consumption policy to promote the positive, the domestic retail market sales trend was a clear upward trend, the packaging can be said that the next few years the big market. In various forms of packaging, color box plastic packaging in recent years, the most rapid development, it is widely used in tobacco, food, medicine, cosmetic and other people's lives are closely related areas, and demand is still expanding. On the other hand, the color box packaging because of its easy processing, printing and other advantages of the advantages of more and more favored by the enterprise, become the best choice for goods packaging. However, with the rapid development of modern industry and people's living standards continue to improve, people demand for color box packaging at the same time, the quality of the box packaging also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, the face of the high profit margins and a huge box printing and printing consumption potential, enterprises want to enter the box packaging market must first strengthen their own production automation level, especially postpress processing automation level. And publishing and printing, color box packaging products after the process is more complex, especially for high-end products, color box packaging, often need to go through a number of printing process, which requires enterprises in the box after the plastic packaging production The process must pay attention to the application of new technologies, new equipment, and continuously improve the degree of automation of production, so as to meet customer demand for continuous improvement of product quality.