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Painting By Numbers Rapid Development
Sep 15, 2017

Painting by Numbers Rapid development

Blister packaging is now we often use a life in a blister packaging, their process is numerous, and now we look at the principle of the formation of flat plastic hot material is softened, with a vacuum adsorption on the mold surface , And then cooling molding, saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, sealing performance, in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging; can be packaged any shaped products, packing without additional cushioning material; transparent packaging products visible, Easy to sell, and suitable for mechanization, automated packaging, easy to modern management, save manpower, improve efficiency.

The rapid development of plastic packaging packaging from the following factors: plastic box packaging itself superior performance beautiful; China's government to increase the control of deforestation, wood packaging before the cost of goods increased sharply with Europe and the United States demanding requirements Stimulating the use of plastic packaging products; plastic box packaging equipment processing a high degree of automation, production and production faster, thus increasing the packaging production in order to supply the needs of the market. Now the plastic packaging industry, we often use the plastic packaging packaging, the reason is that blister packaging products to separate, shock, foil objects for the purpose of packaging in our lives for the food products, toys, Cosmetics, stationery and other items used. Ultimately depends on the characteristics of plastic packaging and application value point of view.

Blister Packaging We are aiming to show and protect our products, which is the value of the product's public and sales promotion. Which is the main aspect of the cost of plastic packaging to consider the box packaging is a small volume, the production of low-difficulty products, the product is no height. Such products can be a good first to reduce the speed of production, some box packaging if used as an internal packaging, then you can use cheaper materials.

The above two points is the blister packaging is widely used in the root causes, at the same time through the above description we can also know that blister packaging is widely used by us is inevitable, blister packaging and packaging industry, high-speed development trend is irresistible.