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Plastic Identification
Dec 05, 2016

1, method: by examining a variety of plastics density using liquid media to see the ups and downs, can roughly distinguish plastic belongs to class, suppose plastic floats in the water, then to determine materials other than PVC.

2, burning: burn through plastic view of the flame color and odour of burning and smoke polyolefin materials usually flame blue or light blue, the smell is mild and short, smoke was white, while most of the PCBs or combustion of chlorine after belching smoke, and strongly scented, just ABS. In addition, such as PE, PP drop fueled phenomenon, and PVC are free drops of fuel, but there are self-extinguishing.

3, optical methods: to identify material transparency, ordinary transparent materials: PS, PC, PMMA, AS; translucent materials: PE, PP random copolymer, are polyethylene PP, transparent soft PVC, ABS, and other basic raw materials are not transparent.

Method 4, color: as a general rule, raw materials, without additives, should itself contain double bonds, you appear slightly yellow color, such as ABS, butadiene copolymer, after polymerization polymers containing double bonds, it appear slightly yellow.