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Printing Technology
Dec 05, 2016

1, can (more) copy the graphic to the media (paper, plastic, all kinds of utensils and other) method is called on the printing

2, printing technologies, including: rubbing, mimeograph, screen printing, letterpress printing (letterpress), flat-screen printing (offset printing), printing, intaglio printing

3, Chang said (for example, from stone inscription printed on it)

4, mimeo (wax paper stereotype printing)

5, silk screen printing (screen printing)

6, Toppan printing (traditional types of printing, also called Movable-Type printing, as toxic, has been eliminated)

7, lithograph (now the mainstream means of printing, is the use of oil and water exclusion principle design of flat printing technology, printing the graphic part and the graphic part had little height difference, just some oil on the plates are not hydrophilic, non-graphic part water not oil)

8, intaglio printing (on steel plate drum to carve a deep illustrations, printing, residual ink on hold with a scraper, but hanging graphics ink in the pit, so graphic in the pit of ink will transfer to the medium, such prints are very full, there is a strong sense of depth)

9, since flat-screen printing, computer typesetting and printing

10, printing (is an extension of lithography technology, printing graphics and text can be printed onto the surface, such as machine parts, such as printing graphics and text on the camera housing)

11, the more common copy (copy machine) can also be considered a method of printing

12, advanced technology and a holographic laser printing

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