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The Choice Of Plastic Packaging Mould
Dec 05, 2016

Blister packaging mold plaster mold, electroplate copper and aluminum mold three

Plaster mold: sculpture using plaster in a State of half wet molding, then drying into a mould, cast, low cost, easy to modify, but accuracy is not high enough of a cast, the surface is smooth and fragile is not durable, so it is often used to play pretend, electroplating copper mold types or requirements are not high production of plastic mold.

Aluminum mold: aluminum ingots by means of mechanical (such as lathes, milling machines, CNC) processing. Aluminum precision is high, the surface is smooth and durable, but the price is very expensive, aluminum mold is generally used in high precision die up to plastic products.

Copper electroplating: kind of a cast made of samples, a layer of copper plating is electroplating copper, the cost is relatively high plaster mold, but much cheaper than aluminum mold, because of its smooth surface is durable, low cost advantages, copper plating is most commonly used as a plastic mold.

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